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oval:com.altx-soft.nix:def:68571EOL: Unsupported OS Fedora 14patch
oval:com.altx-soft.nix:def:68601EOL: Unsupported OS Fedora 17patch
oval:com.altx-soft.nix:def:68632EOL: Unsupported OS openSUSE 11.2patch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:1553713EOL: End of general availability of Java SE Runtime Environment 7patch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:235765EOL: Unsupported version of Adobe Flash Player ESR 13patch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:240413EOL: Unsupported version of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2002patch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:240453EOL: Unsupported version of Microsoft Visio Viewer 2002patch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:240483EOL: Unsupported version of Microsoft Word 2000patch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:243653EOL: Unsupported version of Microsoft Office 2003patch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:245842EOL: Unsupported version of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007patch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:245872EOL: Unsupported version of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP3patch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:337423EOL: Unsupported version of Oracle WebLogic Server (before 10.3)patch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:337454EOL: Unsupported version of Microsoft SharePoint Services 2.0patch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:337493EOL: Unsupported version of Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 SP1patch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:408153EOL: Unsupported version of Microsoft Windows Essentialspatch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:409082EOL: Unsupported version of OpenVPN Clientpatch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:424192EOL: Unsupported version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (January 12, 2016)patch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:384085EOL: Unsupported version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (January 12, 2016)patch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:420775EOL: Premier Support Ends Oracle Database Server 11.2patch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:337564EOL: Unsupported OS Microsoft Windows Vistapatch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:295352EOL: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 mainstream support has endedpatch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:437351EOL: Unsupported Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5patch
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:def:437371EOL: Обнаружена неподдерживаемая версия продукта Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0patch
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:def:445971EOL: Обнаружена неподдерживаемая версия продукта Flexera InstallShield (меньше 2012)patch
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:def:451821EOL: Обнаружена неподдерживаемая версия продукта McAfee DBS Sensorpatch
oval:com.altx-soft.nix:def:126751EOL: Unsupported OS Debian 6.0patch
oval:ru.altx-soft.nix:def:126751EOL: Обнаружена неподдерживаемая OC Debian 6.0patch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:371261EOL: Unsupported version of IBM Rational Rhapsody (7.5 and before)patch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:371221EOL: Unsupported version of IBM Rational ClearQuest (7.1 and before)patch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:371301EOL: Unsupported version of IBM Tivoli Directory Server (6.1 and before)patch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:371251EOL: Unsupported version of Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager for VMware (2.2 and before)patch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:378211EOL: Unsupported version of VMware ACEpatch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:378921EOL: Unsupported version of VMware Workstationpatch
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:def:378881EOL: Обнаружена неподдерживаемая версия продукта VMware vCenter Serverpatch
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:def:378911EOL: Обнаружена неподдерживаемая версия продукта VMware Playerpatch
oval:com.altx-soft.nix:def:231902EOL: Unsupported version of R-Visionpatch
oval:ru.altx-soft.nix:def:278802EOL: Обнаружена неподдерживаемая ОС SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11patch
oval:ru.altx-soft.nix:def:278832EOL: Завершена основная поддержка SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3patch
oval:com.altx-soft.nix:def:279841EOL: Unsupported OS ROSA DX COBALT 1.0patch
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:497962EOL: Unsupported version of Quick Healpatch
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