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ALTEX-SOFT company actively participate in development of Open Source cybersecurity projects (SCAP stack). Below are some of them:

The OVAL Repository

Project URL: http://oval.mitre.org/repository

The OVAL Repository is the central meeting place for the OVAL Community to discuss, analyze, store, and disseminate OVAL Definitions. Members of the community contribute definitions by posting them to the OVAL Repository Forum, where the OVAL Team and other members of the community review and discuss them.

The OVAL Repository contains all community-developed OVAL Vulnerability, Compliance, Inventory, and Patch Definitions for supported operating systems. Definitions are free to use and implement in information security products and services.

OVAL Repository Top Contributor Awards Program The OVAL Repository Top Contributor Award Program grants awards on a quarterly basis to the top contributors to the OVAL Repository. The Repository is a community effort, and contributions of new content and modifications are instrumental in its success. The awards serve as public recognition of an organization’s support of the OVAL Repository and as an incentive to others to contribute.

Organizations receiving the award will also receive an OVAL Repository Top Contributor logo indicating the quarter of the award (e.g., 1st Quarter 2007) that may be used as they see fit. Awards are granted to organizations that have made a significant contribution of new or modified content each quarter.
OVAL Repository Top Contributor 2015 1st quarter OVAL Repository Top Contributor 2015 2nd quarter
OVAL Repository Top Contributor 2014 1st quarter OVAL Repository Top Contributor 2014 2nd quarter OVAL Repository Top Contributor 2014 3rd quarter OVAL Repository Top Contributor 2014 4th quarter
OVAL Repository Top Contributor 2013 1st quarter OVAL Repository Top Contributor 2013 2nd quarter OVAL Repository Top Contributor 2013 3rd quarter OVAL Repository Top Contributor 2013 4th quarter
OVAL Repository Top Contributor 2012 4th quarter

Top Organizations (Source: http://oval.mitre.org/repository/data/Statistics)

This table lists the top organizations contributing to the OVAL Repository that have either submitted new definitions or modified existing definitions.

SecPod Technologies4164
Maitreya Security2883
SCAP.com, LLC2339
G2, Inc.1340
The MITRE Corporation958
ThreatGuard, Inc.850
Symantec Corporation651
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G2, Inc.7775
The MITRE Corporation3624
SecPod Technologies1061
Symantec Corporation894
baramundi software648
ThreatGuard, Inc.416
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The official OVAL Repository has transitioned to the Center for Internet Security (CIS) and is available through the CIS OVAL Repository website. Any OVAL content obtained from the MITRE site after August 31, 2015 should be considered out of date.

The OVAL CIS Repository

Project URL: https://oval.cisecurity.org


Project URL: https://www.open-scap.org

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