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oval:org.mitre.oval:def:123753Adobe InDesign is installedinventory
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:def:408024Уязвимость ненадежного поиска пути в Adobe InDesign посредством уязвимости "троянский конь" (CVE-2010-3153)vulnerability
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:408025Untrusted search path vulnerability InDesign CS4 6.0, InDesign CS5 7.0.2 and earlier, Adobe InDesign Server CS5 7.0.2 and earlier, and Adobe InCopy CS5 7.0.2 and earlier (CVE-2010-3153)vulnerability
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:545141Vulnerability in Adobe InDesign 13.0 and below (CVE-2018-4927)vulnerability
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:def:610881Уязвимость в Adobe InDesign 14.0.1 и ниже (CVE-2019-7107)vulnerability
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:286845Vulnerability in Adobe InDesign 11.4.1 and earlier (CVE-2016-7886)vulnerability
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:def:545151Уязвимость в Adobe InDesign 13.0 и ниже (CVE-2018-4928)vulnerability
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:def:286844Уязвимость в Adobe InDesign и ниже (CVE-2016-7886)vulnerability
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:610881Vulnerability in Adobe InDesign 14.0.1 and below (CVE-2019-7107)vulnerability
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:def:513702Уязвимость в Adobe InDesign 12.1.0 и ниже (CVE-2017-11302)vulnerability
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:513702Vulnerability in Adobe InDesign 12.1.0 and earlier (CVE-2017-11302)vulnerability
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:545151Vulnerability in Adobe InDesign 13.0 and below (CVE-2018-4928)vulnerability
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:def:545141Уязвимость в Adobe InDesign 13.0 и ниже (CVE-2018-4927)vulnerability
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:def:286851Adobe InDesign is installedinventory
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