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oval:ru.altx-soft.win:def:455632Уязвимость в HexChat до 2.10.2 (CVE-2013-7449)vulnerability
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:296302Directory traversal vulnerability in HexChat 2.11.0 (CVE-2016-2087)vulnerability
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:455632Vulnerability in HexChat before 2.10.2 (CVE-2013-7449)vulnerability
oval:com.altx-soft.win:def:296312Stack-based buffer overflow in HexChat 2.10.2 (CVE-2016-2233)vulnerability
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:def:455621HexChat is installedinventory
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:def:296312Переполнение стека в HexChat 2.10.2 (CVE-2016-2233)vulnerability
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:def:296302Уязвимость обхода каталога в HexChat 2.11.0 (CVE-2016-2087)vulnerability
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