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ALTEX-SOFT has a huge partnership experience with SCAP Community and various commercial projects and we develop our relations with authoritative information security organizations and lead developers.

ALTEX-SOFT offers:

  • access to the complete or selective security content, including: vulnerabilities descriptions, patches, inventory information and configuration parameters that can be exported into XML-files for automated scan settings;
  • newsletter subscription with descriptions of the latest repository updates;
  • consulting services and development of security content for specific platforms, products and equipment;
  • content development in OVAL and XCCDF formats for various security scanners;
  • integration of our RC_OVAL interpreter into client’s system;
  • distribution of RedCheck security scanner solution that works based on the OVALdb content.

According to a license agreement, our clients get the following non-exclusive rights to use the OVALdb databases:

  • the right to use descriptions as needed (including usage in software that supports OVAL);
  • the right to use the descriptions in order to develop software (scanners) for security analysis and vulnerabilities search;
  • the right to distribute the description to users as a part of the developed software;
  • other non-exclusive rights can also be transferred as well;

The license cost vary depending on the term of usage.

OVALdb trial period

As a part of a trial offer, we can provide a limited access to the private part of the repository (upon request). Test content is provided after the signing of a non-disclosure agreement.

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