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OVALdb is an ALTEX-SOFT-owned repository and is one of the largest international databases containing information on all known vulnerabilities, updates, configuration settings and audit results, making possible to evaluate your company’s security level.

All this information is written with Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language(OVAL), a part of the Security Content Automation Protocol(SCAP).

Besides the content developed by ALTEX-SOFT, OVALdb synchronizes with such well-known repositories as the CIS, MITRE, National Vulnerability Database (NVD). Our updates are as frequent as any anti-virus update releases.

We are constantly working on getting you the most reliable information!

OVALdb consists of an open-source part containing information of the upper-level descriptions (OVAL language, no checks), and a private part (OVAL language with checks), including vulnerabilities, patches, inventory and compliances that can be exported into XML-files for automated scan settings. Register with ALTEX-SOFT and get access to the private OVALdb part – that part of the content is a subject to copyright and can be used only with the permission of the copyright holder – ALTEX-SOFT company.

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