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oval:ru.altx-soft.win:tst:40450404501Check if the version of Python is less than or equal to 2.6.7 (32-bit) (Single User)file
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:ste:18223182231State holds if the version is less than 16.0.11929.20300registry
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:ste:10489104891State holds if the version is less than 10.0.10240.17861file
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:obj:45306453061The registry holds Check Point SmartConsoleregistry
oval:org.cisecurity:ste:10673106731Windows build number is 18362registry
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:obj:44198441981Object holds Solar Controls HC Downloader Uninstall!DisplayName registry keyregistry
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:obj:45133451331Object holds RedSwimmer KioskSimple Uninstall!DisplayVersion registry keyregistry
oval:org.mitre.oval:obj:39205392054Registry holds if Web Apps Server 2013 SP1 is installedregistry
oval:org.cisecurity:tst:636763678Check if the version of Win32k.sys is less than 6.0.6002.24321file
oval:org.mitre.oval:tst:8826the version of Aspnet_filter.dll is less than 2.0.50727.101file
oval:org.cisecurity:tst:12077120777hal.dll (32-bit) (10.x) version is less than 10.0.10240.18366file
oval:org.cisecurity:tst:557155719Check if structuredquery.dll version is less than 7.0.10240.17770file
oval:org.mitre.oval:tst:12081812081816Mozilla Firefox Mainline version is less than or equal to 13.0file
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:ste:23518235181State holds if the version is less than 6.2.9200.23176file
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:obj:43536435361The registry holds DisplayVersion of AVG Driver Updaterregistry
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:tst:61729617291Check if the version of dxgkrnl.sys is less than 7.0.6003.20617file
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:tst:66210662101Check if the version of ntoskrnl.exe is less than 10.0.18362.778file
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:tst:64979649791Check if the version of rdpclip.exe is less than 10.0.18362.657file
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:ste:478447841State matching version less than or equal 1.7.0:update_51file
oval:org.cisecurity:ste:947694761Version is less than 6file
oval:org.mitre.oval:ste:19869198691State holds if the version is less than
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:obj:46188461882Object holds SweetScape 010 Editor Uninstall!InstallLocation registry keyregistry
oval:org.cisecurity:tst:3035303510Check if Gdiplus.dll version is less than 10.0.10240.17319file
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:tst:45390453902Check if the version of PHP is less than 5.3.6 (recursive)file
oval:org.mitre.oval:tst:983898384the version of Owc11.dll is less than 12.0.6502.5000file
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:ste:15425154251Version is less than 7.3.2file
oval:org.cisecurity:ste:15225152251Version is greater than or equal to 7file
oval:org.cisecurity:ste:789478941Version is less than 6.3.9600.19177file
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:ste:22004220041 auditeventpolicysubcategories
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:obj:47739477391Registry key for Veeam ONE Agent DisplayVersion (32 bit)registry
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:tst:57197571971Check if OnionShare is less than or equal 1.3.1registry
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:tst:56225562251Check if the version of gdi32.dll is less than 10.0.10240.17976file
oval:org.cisecurity:tst:15721157214mf.dll (32-bit) (10.x) version is less than 10.0.17134.1550file
oval:org.mitre.oval:ste:551055101 file
oval:org.cisecurity:tst:16205162053windowscodecs.dll (32-bit) (10.x) version is less than 10.0.16299.1992file
oval:org.mitre.oval:tst:123512352Compressed Folders with zipfldr.dll are enabledregistry
oval:org.cisecurity:ste:336533651State matches if the version is 2007.100.4000.0file
oval:org.mitre.oval:ste:11990119901 file
oval:ru.altx-soft.win:ste:215021501McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator version is greater than or equal 4.0registry
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